Explore New Worlds with Silverpoint Series 2 on BBC iPlayer & CBBC

Gripping sci-fi adventure drama, Silverpoint, is back for a second series.

All episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer from 17th May, with episodes also airing on CBBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6pm.

Posted: 3 May 2023

A captivating watch for the whole family, the new series picks up from the season one cliff-hanger, in which we saw our young protagonists struggle with the realisation they weren’t alone in their quest for answers.

In series one of the BAFTA-nominated mystery hit, Louis, Kaz, Meg and Glen (known as ‘Dragonfly’) begin a thrilling adventure to uncover the truth behind an alien Artefact they find buried in the woods. In series two, Dragonfly will compete against three other groups in a series of challenges designed by a strange alien presence. Each task takes place in a very different alternate reality and these sixteen kids must now use their wits and imaginations to win. And the prize they’re fighting for? To save the world…

If a group should lose, or decide to quit, the alien Artefacts will wipe their memories of the whole adventure. For Dragonfly, the stakes couldn’t be higher – if unsuccessful, they’ll not only lose the game, but also their memories of each other and everything they’ve been through together. Put simply: they’re fighting for their friendship.

The cast includes Katy Byrne (Duchess), Oliver Cunliffe (Starfish, Safe Space), Krish Misra (Invasion), Aoife Hughes (A Christmas Star) and Maiya Silveston, with stage-star Frances Mayli McCann (Bonnie & Clyde, Heathers the Musical, Shetland, River City) and Fayez Bakhsh (The Attack, The State).

“Silverpoint’s second season rewards fans with ever more tantalising twists and turns. Our well-loved characters face new challenges and their friendship is further tested as this unique sci-fi mystery develops. With stunning production values and a supremely talented young cast, we are confident that Silverpoint series two will be essential viewing for young viewers and their families.”
Cheryl Taylor
Creative Director, Zodiak Productions UK

Silverpoint Series 1 is available now on BBC iPlayer.

All Series 2 episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 17th May.