Ever wondered what your parents were like at your age? For Paul, it's no longer a mystery!

Paul, 10, is a typical little boy. He goes to school, he plays sports, he is secretly in love, he tries to do as little as possible at home, he confuses his parents to get what he wants.

Except that… he has a strange gift… or curse…! As soon as someone says the words, “When I was your age…” Paul is immediately sent back to the time when the person he is talking to was 10 years old – the same as he is now! He can shoot back 20, 30…70 years in time! Before mobile phones existed… When boys and girls didn’t go to the same school… When there was only one television station… When toilets were at the far end of the yard… In other words: ancient history!

So as soon as he hears, “When I was your age,” … where and when will he land this time? And what will he have to understand in order to return to the present?

With a strong reputation for producing world-renowned animation, Monello Productions creates strong original shows for children and the whole family, covering comedy, action-adventure and education.

Founded in September 2013, the Paris-based studio, run by Giorgio Welter and Cécile Sady, is behind internationally successful series, including Street Football, Max and Maestro, Marblegen, When I Was Your Age, and the upcoming CGI Hello Kitty.