A little rapper meets Chopin, Mozart and Beethoven!

Max is like any other 11-year-old Boy – he listens to hip-hop, he has his own band, he plays football, and he always wants brand new trainers.

But Max is also a secret pupil of an orchestra conductor! And not just any conductor: the world’s greatest, Mr Barenboim himself! And Mr B believes that music is life and life is music. Far from just teaching music written long ago, Mr B wants to open Max’s eyes and teach him by sending him out into the real world.

Join Max as he learns, seeing the world around him and his activities with a new perspective!

With a strong reputation for producing world-renowned animation, Monello Productions creates strong original shows for children and the whole family, covering comedy, action-adventure and education. Founded in September 2013, the Paris-based studio, run by Giorgio Welter and Cécile Sady, is behind internationally successful series, including Max and Maestro, Street Football, Marblegen, When I Was Your Age and CGI Hello Kitty, and the upcoming series Chimera Keepers: Adventures with Incredible Creatures.