In a world similar to our own, where magic marble competitions (MARBLEGEN) are all the rage, Cosmo and Aissa, two passionate players, Luna, the last member of an old family of marble-making alchemists, and Sam, a nosey little genius, form the “Meteors”, an unlikely team united by friendship.

Their objective: to win the MARBLE GAMES, the biggest marblegens tournament in the world!

Their secret motivation is to prevent the dangerous Marcellus King from seizing the powerful Mercury marble, which will be presented to the winner of the tournament. This marble, one of the five Origin Marbles, would give him limitless power…

With a strong reputation for producing world-renowned animation, Monello Productions creates strong original shows for children and the whole family, covering comedy, action-adventure and education. Founded in September 2013, the Paris-based studio, run by Giorgio Welter and Cécile Sady, is behind internationally successful series, including Max and Maestro, Street Football, Marblegen, When I Was Your Age and CGI Hello Kitty, and the upcoming series Chimera Keepers: Adventures with Incredible Creatures.