For the witty and heartfelt Topo Gigio, everything is so new that a boring school project on magnets, a trip to the zoo, a simple game in the backyard or helping a friend are all incredibly exciting!

Gigio has his faithful “partners in crime”: his very best friend Zoe who always helps to make things right, Bob, the perfect buddy to ride with around the city and the ‘G-Team’ (Mole, Pigeon, Bunny Twins, Turtle, Toad) ready to join him everywhere on reckless and irresistible adventures!

And, when the day is done, it’s time for a simple request: “Kiss me goodnight and… Hug me ‘til I pop!”

Italy’s leading independent production and animation studio, Movimenti Production, has produced acclaimed animated TV series, music videos, live-shows and multi-platform projects for local and global audiences.


With more than 40 productions to its name, recent successes include the internationally popular 2D animated adventure/comedy Topo GigioLe Loup with Rai Kids and two projects produced with Zerocalcare for Netlflix – Tear Along the Dotted Line and This World Can’t Tear Me Down. The company is run by joint CEOs and Creative Directors, Giorgio Scorza and Davide Rosio, who also founded the leading Italian 2D studio DogHead, and co-founded 3D production studio and international co-producer MoBo.