Iris’s earthling life is turned upside down when she learns that she’s actually an alien princess! When girl band LoliRock holds an audition for a third member, Iris tries out… and is suddenly surrounded by a dazzling light. Talia and Auriana have found their fellow princess, heir to the throne of Ephedia.

Years ago, when this distant crystal planet fell under the spell of the evil Gramorr, the infant Iris was sent to earth for safekeeping. But now, the people of Ephedia need freeing.

It’s a quest for which Iris is needed, and one that is done under the guise of being a pop band! It’s a battle against alien agents and crystal monsters… while appealing to crowds of adoring fans!

In the powerful second series, they are joined by two new princesses, Carissa and Lyna in their mission.

A specialist in the creative development and production of children’s animation, Zodiak Kids & Family France, led by CEO Benoît Di Sabatino and COO Ludovic Taron, has a strong track record of producing fun, inspiring and successful children’s content for kids of all ages.

Credits include Lolirock, Lilybuds, Mumfie and The Unstoppable Yellow Yeti, plus the upcoming Shasha & Milo, as well as a brand-new series of the long-running international hit Totally Spies!.