Secret Lift of Boys centres on Ginger, an eleven year-old girl who has to spend her summer holidays with her English cousins, a family of four tween and teen boys. Ginger is an only child, unused to living with boys, and they are a mystery to her as she is to them. Throughout the series they will uncover each others’ unpredictable behaviours and gain a shared understanding of how they  an all live together in peace and relative harmony!

Join Ginger as she spends the summer getting into more mischief with her cousins and friends before she has to head back home.

Zodiak Kids & Family Productions UK is a leading creator of original, innovative, and award-winning programming. The company produces distinctive and captivating entertainment for a wide range of broadcasters in the UK and worldwide. From pre-school to teenagers, its stellar credits include BAFTA award-winning series’ Secret Life of Boys and Joe All Alone, Millie Inbetween, Mister Maker, Ted’s Top Ten, and recent international, BAFTA nominated, sci-fi drama Silverpoint.